Plus System Intermediate Floor

Plus System Intermediate Floor

This structure allows to use all the height of a room at best, multiplying its surface and making it adapt to be used as a warehouse, an office, an exposition room, etc.

This system can be completely disassembled so that it can be used again, just modifying its structure and size.

It is adaptable to every need and offers the possibility to customize the trampling surfaces such as laminated floors, parquet, rubber floors, attics r.e.i. or building systems.

Our professionalism guarantees always impeccable results.


  • It multiplies the surface of the industrial premises and of rooms in general
  • It can adapt to every customer’s concrete demands thanks to the large variety of sizes, trampling surface types, building systems, aesthetical adaptability to every room, etc.
  • It is complementary to other existing shelving systems.

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